A Complete and Scalable Monitoring Solution for Your Assets

What if there was an asset monitoring solution that could be installed within a few minutes, independent of all existing IT systems, without endangering established processes, with no building work required, separate from your own data networks and, if required, also independent of the power supply? A solution which facilitates immediate, central access to data using the latest software without the necessity of a software developer? These questions describe LineMetrics’ underlying idea. All of the necessary technology was already available however, it took the LineMetrics team to combine it all to make a standard product.

The LineMetrics solution makes it possible to collect and process almost any sensory data and to monitor and analyse it using ready-made software. The initial hurdle is extremely low: The LineMetrics’ solution is characterised by low prices, a choice between purchasing or renting, and an installation time of less than one hour. It is therefore, ideal for solving specific problems quickly and for trying out the Industrial IoT for the first time. It also lends itself to rolling out extensive improvements on efficiency.

The fields or the connected sensors are virtually endless since the LineMetrics solution has an open interface and positive experiences have been made with various different sensors, such as for position tracking, interior climate (temperature, humidity, CO2), energy consumption, energy generation, level control, production data, to name but a few.

LineMetrics has built up a lot of know-how during the numerous projects it has implemented - from micro-businesses to global market leaders. We are pleased to make this knowledge available to our customers by offering consulting for their digitalisation projects.

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