Monitor machines

As favourable as a mobile contract

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There are profitable reasons to monitor your assets

Only viewable Data gives you a high level of transparency

Analyse Data like never before. Practical statistics and perfect edited graphics allow it easily to find and to remove irregularities.
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An All in One solution that just works

Our solution covers everything from gathering to the evaluation of data.

How does LineMetrics help?

Realtime Asset monitoring which works painless

The LineMetrics Cloud allows you to monitor easy and fast your assets

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    Plug & Play

    No programming knowledge needed

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    High complex encryption

    On all servers and transmission

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    Intuitive user interface

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    No risk

    Without setup costs a 14-day trial

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    Available everywhere

    Through our Android and IOS apps

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    Open and expandable

    Through our API interface

Only the price is better

So why not just try it?

LineMetrics Cloud

per asset / month
  • Realtime data monitoring
  • Works in every browser
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Unique asset monitoring

LineMetrics Box

per asset / month
  • GSM Communication
  • 8 analog inputs
  • Modbus RTU support
  • Simple online configuration

All in One Package

per asset / month
  • All in one hand
  • No risk because of our rent model
  • No setup fees
  • Less stress

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