5in1 Covid19 sensor

5-in-1 sensor reduces the risk of infection in the office

A “healthy” indoor climate and sustainable building operation have long since ceased to be topics of the future. Take an active part in shaping the future by analysing the current condition of the building and making fact-based decisions. The easy recording of these facts is made possible by modern solutions such as LineMetrics. We have summarized for you which parameters are particularly important for the safety and well-being of your employees.

Recording CO2 concentrations in the office

CO2 is a good indicator of lack of ventilation and thus a simple measure against Corona/COVID-19 and other flu viruses. When people exhale, both the CO2 content and the concentration of suspended particles in the air (medical aerosols), which can contain viruses, increase. Read the blog article on the topic CO2 – Reduce the risk of infection.

Controlling Relative Humidity

Relative humidity has a direct impact on the risk of virus transmission. Numerous scientific studies show that a value between 40 and 60% reduces the risk of infection:

  • The floating time of aerosols in the room air is shortened. If the room air is sufficiently moist, they absorb water from the air, become heavier and settle more quickly on surfaces.
  • In addition, the survival time of viruses in aerosols is reduced.
  • Finally, the mucous membranes in the throat are kept moist. In this way, the viruses can be fended off and transported away better than if the air is too dry.

More information and related scientific studies can be found under Reducing sick leave with optimal humidity.

Needs-based cleaning

With the simple recording of movements, it is also possible to determine which rooms were used and how often. On the basis of these facts, Needs-based cleaning plans created become. Frequently used rooms are cleaned more thoroughly, while unused rooms are cleaned less intensively. This can save a lot of money. For information on how to optimize your cleaning, see On-Demand Cleaning.

Free Practical Guide

Do you want to make your office fit for the future? Download the free practice guide now to:

  • Increase well-being and productivity.
  • Reduce the risk of infection.
  • to use office space more efficiently.
  • Cleaning can be carried out as required.
  • Easy to collect data in existing buildings.

5in1 CO2 sensor Elsys ERS

The Elsys ERS can detect air quality (CO2), relative humidity, room temperature, lighting and movement in real time as a single sensor. The unobtrusive sensors blend into the spatial image and provide the data anonymously and reliably. In the LineMetrics Cloud , you can access the data, analyze it, or feed it into other systems via API. Based on facts, you can sustainably reduce the risk of infection in the office and increase the productivity of employees.

Plug & Play – Just do it

With the help of the LineMetrics platform, complex technologies become easily accessible. For this reason, the easy handling of the CO2 sensor for the customer was ensured. Every single sensor is specially prepared by us for you and can be used for youlug & Play put into operation become. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the back of the sensor and the current values will be displayed. A “healthy” indoor climate and sustainable building operation can thus be realized by employees on site without major investments for only €9 per month and room.

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