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Digital Real Estate Day celebrates success

The Expo Real was cancelled, but instead of simply waiting, we organized a virtual stage for the best talks. 24 speakers and more than 240 spectators showed what is possible at the Digital Real Estate Day.

Exchange and know-how are all the more important, especially in the current crisis situation, and digitalization and sustainability must also continue. For this reason, the simple non-profit event dispensed with advertising options, event apps or video recordings. The focus was on pure content. The importance of the initiative was demonstrated by the enthusiasm of the high-calibre audience. More than 240 founders, managing directors and industry experts took part in the spontaneous event.

Industry shows how digitalization works

Within a week, the event was set up with a total of 24 speakers. Some of the well-known speakers included Frank Schröder from Phoenix Contact, Johannes Nussbaum from Art-Invest, Jens Müller from BuildingMinds and Sander Van de Rijdt from Planradar. In two tracks, impulses for the digitalization of the real estate industry were given: In the Expo Track, speakers of Expo Real were given a virtual stage. In addition, PropTechs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland had their say in the PropTech Track and presented current developments and applications in practice.

You can access the talks online on . There you will also find further information about the speakers, topics and the event.

Thank you for the support of the
Digital Real Estate Day!

This was only possible with strong support from the entire industry. With this in mind, thank you to the media and networks that have supported us:

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