Frank Schröder Digital Real Estate Day - Building Technology & Digitalization

Digitisation in building technology as an opportunity

Facility management requires active designers and thought leaders who make a measurable contribution to the implementation of the corporate strategy. And this between the demands of owners, tenants, employees and visitors. Digitalization is a challenge, but also an opportunity. In a 30-minute presentation, Frank Schröder, Head of Facility Management at Phoenix Contact, will show how digitalization can be implemented in facility management and what opportunities are opening up.

What will building operations look like in the future?

In a digitized building, all trades can talk to each other: from the charging station for electric cars to the ventilation system and the projectors in the meeting room. An IoT-based management platform such as Emalytics from Phoenix Contact combines management and operating equipment. You can see what this looks like live in the video from minute 05:20 . In this way, the silos around the processes in buildings are torn down and the processes can be optimized.

Frank Schröder speaks of a creative process here, because sometimes it is not obvious at first glance for what purposes data can be used. Often it is everyday problems, such as changing a light source or emptying a trash can, that can be carried out in a facilitated and targeted way. Traditionally, information ends up in the next technical room, if it is collected at all. However, modern technologies make it possible to collect the data and evaluate it easily.

Example: Use of office space

The data shows how long the room has been used and how much energy has been consumed. Facility managers can access this information in real time and perform their tasks excellently: HVAC systems can be adjusted accordingly, rooms can be cleaned can be planned and power consumption can be optimized.

Just-Do-It Approach

Digitalization is changing buildings: The building management system is becoming a platform on which all trades can communicate directly with each other. As a result, facility managers have fewer technical challenges and operating costs can be reduced by up to 50%. Digitalization in building technology is not a trend. It is the perspective of tomorrow’s facility management. It’s not easy to implement, but without it, you lose relevance step by step. So it’s important to just do it.

Just-Do-It?! Exactly the LineMetrics approach: Simply collect sensor data in existing buildings.

Watch the full talk:

Lecture by Frank Schröder, Head of Facility Management at Phoenix Contact, on the topic of “Digitalization as an opportunity” at the Digital Real Estate Day 2020

To the speaker

Frank Schröder has been Head of Facility Management at Phoenix Contact for 34 years. As one of the influencers in the real estate industry, his actions are shaped by an intrinsic motivation for disruptive change.

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