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Future Workspace: Why do we need PropTechs like Pinestack and SpaceOS?

New Work, Occupier Experience, Smart Buildings, Sustainability: A new era of real estate economics has dawned. How can the combination of novel data with existing data carriers create sustainable smart buildings? Marley Fabisiewicz, founder of SpaceOS, and Tim Philip Schröder, Managing Director of Pinestack, provide insights into the trends and dynamics surrounding new working environments.

At first glance, the two PropTechs seem like competitors – both offer modern IoT applications for the working world. Nevertheless, Marley Fabisiewicz and Tim Philip Schröder agree that in order to advance the digitalization of the real estate industry, we need to work together.

Digitalization only works together

The user is always at the centre of digital solutions. Corporate real estate managers often want holistic solutions, but it will take some time before such solutions are created, the PorpTechs agree. “A platform that can do everything is currently difficult to map in the market. Everyone is familiar with different areas, but they complement each other. The question is, where does the data come together?”, says Tim Philip Schröder, describing the problem. Technology providers need to work together to deliver targeted value to customers. At the same time, customers are demanding agility and flexibility. “We want to enter into a partnership with our customers. They have to be willing to go on the journey of digitalization with us, and that requires a willingness to develop,” explains Marley Fabisiewicz.

International trends around the future workspace

The fact is that the world of work will change radically. Tomorrow’s talents want flexibility and choice, as well as well-being and safety in the workplace. This requires a hybrid working world with a mix of home office and places for innovation and social exchange. You won’t go to the office to write emails anymore. Tim Philip Schröder adds: “It’s not primarily about
to work at home, but to increase the possibility through the use of existing technology,
to make working life more flexible and thus more efficient.” Cooperation will be necessary for these developments to succeed. From an international point of view, the U.S. region is rather one step ahead. Europe, on the other hand, is characterised by different languages, cultures and technological conditions, which makes such developments difficult.

PropTechs such as Pinestack and SpaceOS are drivers for the digitalization of the real estate industry. The shared experience contributes to making real estate smarter and thus hopefully more economical and ecological.

Watch the full talk:

Lecture by Marley Fabisiewicz, founder of SpaceOS, and Tim Philip Schröder, CEO of pinestack, on the topic “Future Workspace: Why do we need PropTechs like Pinestack and SpaceOS?”

To the speakers

Marley Fabisiewicz has been an entrepreneur in the field of digital technology for 20 years. In 2015, he founded SpaceOS, a platform to manage modern working environments such as co-working spaces. For more information, visit LinkedIn.

Tim Philip Schröder is an industry expert with over 10 years of experience in corporate real estate management. Since 2017, he has been Managing Director of Pinestack, a provider of smart office applications for data-designed buildings. For more information, visit LinkedIn.

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