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LineMetrics wins the Digital Impulse Award

The winners of this year’s Digital Impuls Award have been announced. Three newspapers Business and Die Presse were looking for pioneers of digitalization. With the project “Digital Building Twin as-a-Service”, LineMetrics won 1st place in the Innovation category.

With the simple increase in efficiency of existing buildings, LineMetrics scored points with the jury. Among its renowned members were Minister of Digitalization Margarete Schramböck, Jan Trionow, CEO of Drei, and Herwig Langanger, Chairman of the Management Board of “Die Presse”.

Digital Building Twin as-a-Service

Since our founding in 2012, we at LineMetrics have been living digitalization. The real estate industry is constantly changing and our company has developed accordingly. Nevertheless, one thing has never changed for us: LineMetrics makes it possible to easily collect sensor data in existing buildings. Based on the basic idea of ‘Simplify it’, LineMetrics develops leading solutions in the areas of monitoring, IoT and AI, also as an as-a-service model. The latest project – the digital twin of the building – combines live data on energy flows, indoor climate, user behaviour, disturbances, etc. into a virtual image. This transparency is the basis for sustainable optimisation.

Until now, the technology required for this – IoT, AI analytics, connectivity – has been far too complex, costly and can only be used in new buildings. That’s why we have radically focused on simplicity and made this technology suitable for the masses. Now anyone in any existing building can collect plug and play sensor data.

Sustainability – Why we need digital technologies

In the EU, existing buildings are responsible for 36% of greenhouse gases and 40% of energy consumption. In order to achieve the climate targets by 2030, massive increases in efficiency are necessary. Optimization potentials must be made visible in order to exploit them sustainably. Digitalization offers unique opportunities for this. With the digital twin of the building, existing buildings can be operated in an energy-efficient manner, damage can be detected at an early stage and an ideal working and usage environment can be created.

Some impressions of the Digital Impuls Award

Impressions of the Digital Impuls Award (c) Guenther Peroutka

Congratulations also to the other winners Innophore and MyPrivacy GmbH (innovation), as well as PALFINGER Group Structural Inspection, emporia telecom and Erste Group (transformation)!

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