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Make savings in store operations & offer added value

The current crisis, increasing competitive pressure and dynamic markets pose challenges for the retail sector. In order to operate branches or even branch networks efficiently, all potential savings must be exploited. In this blog post, we show you how you can make targeted savings while offering added value for your customers.

Branch networks are great assets, but they also mean immense costs. Ongoing operation is often a challenge. Digitalization, changing customer behaviour and resource efficiency are increasing the pressure to optimize.

Stationary retail in transition

New business models: Digital developments are accompanied by a change in customer expectations. Maintaining your online presence, including your website, is no longer enough. Instead, hybrid business models, i.e. a combination of online and offline options for customers, are desirable.

Increasing competitive pressure: More and more transactions are taking place online. Brick-and-mortar retailers must offer customers added value in order to stand out from online sales. In addition, the operation of branch networks is cost-intensive. All potential savings must therefore be exploited in a targeted manner.

Sustainability: In addition, topics such as sustainability, climate protection and resource efficiency are becoming increasingly important for many customers. Transparency, information and an intensive examination of these issues are required.

Brick-and-mortar retail is under constant pressure to develop further. Managing multiple locations is complex anyway, so continuous improvement is all the more important in order to meet expectations.

Enormous optimization potential for stores

With networks comprising several hundred branches, even the purchase of equipment such as air conditioning systems can lead to immense costs. Using figures, data and facts, there is enormous potential for savings in ongoing operations. However, manual data collection is labor-intensive and error-prone. Data can only be supplied selectively and with a time delay. In addition, information on the building management system is often either completely missing or cannot be read out in a standardized way. In contrast, digital indoor climate monitoring is a time and cost-saving option for quality management, sustainability managers and facility management. Modern solutions, such as the LineMetrics Smart Building platform, also provide live data in existing buildings. With an overview of all locations, faults, damage and deviations can be detected and rectified immediately.

make savings:

By monitoring energy consumption, finance and controlling can optimize (energy) costs and resource consumption. Fact-based planning and benchmarking between individual locations becomes possible. Key figures and reports are easy to create and enable transparency.

Visitor flows can be analyzed in real time. This allows marketing and sales activities to be evaluated and optimized. The direct output becomes visible and better planning is possible.

With the help of indoor climate monitoring you can optimize the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration in salesrooms. This creates a pleasant environment for your customers. At the same time, you offer your employees a productive and safe working environment.

Storage With a measurement of cooling temperatures and relative humidity, products can be stored in compliance with quality management. Automatic documentation helps to demonstrably fulfill the environmental requirements.

Facility management Digitalization of technical processes can save resources and report damage such as leaks at an early stage. Plan maintenance based on usage and monitor the elevator systems, escalators, heating, cooling and ventilation, sanitary facilities, entrances and exits of your branches.

The fact is: if you have clear access to the data in your branches, potential savings and optimization become visible. With LineMetrics, existing stores can be retrofitted wirelessly, from €50 per month and within one day. You can find out how you can implement optimization potential in a targeted manner in the blog post Use cases for stores – optimize with key figures.

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