No more manual temperature checks and paperwork!

Manual temperature checks and recordings of food, pharmaceuticals and the like are time-consuming. They steal valuable time from employees that they could use much better. Automating this tedious activity saves resources and also offers tangible benefits. Retrofit now and collect subsidies!

“That’s how it has worked so far…”

The corona crisis in particular shows how quickly manual processes reach their limits. Digitalization helps to relieve employees of administrative tasks, speed up processes and make data available.

The issue of cooling temperatures is often underestimated, although health risks, loss of goods and image problems can be the result. The sometimes personal liability of entrepreneurs or QM managers is also often not taken into account – until problems arise.

A truly “working” system must therefore cover these risks and also avoid human error, which occurs again and again.

These mistakes happen during manual checks:

  • It is simply forgotten in the stressful everyday work. This either leads to data gaps or – and this is more often the case – to fill these gaps with invented values.
  • In the event of vacation or illness of the person responsible, no one else feels responsible for this issue.
  • “Sloppy errors” happen when reading and manually entering the data or when handwritten notes are transferred to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Limit values are not known to the individual employee, so critical values are simply documented – without taking countermeasures.

Automatic temperature monitoring reduces sources of error and offers additional benefits.

The 3 biggest advantages of automatic temperature monitoring:

  • Save time: Your employees not only save themselves the actual work, but also the journeys within the company or journeys to branch offices. This time can be used more productively.
  • End-to-end monitoring: Manual checks can only be carried out on a random basis (e.g. daily), while sensors carry out continuous measurements. This is even more true for weekends or off-peak times.
  • Respond quickly: Problems are detected immediately and alerts are triggered. The 24/7 monitoring makes it possible to take measures before damage occurs.

Other advantages include easy data access (available online), less space required (no document archive) and a wide range of evaluation options and statistics.

Comply with HACCP, GxP and internal guidelines

Quality-tested and certified sensors, optionally with DAkkS calibration, are an essential cornerstone for meeting legal and internal quality standards. Another is the long-term, secure and non-manipulable storage of data. In the event of problems, all measurement data can be accessed quickly and reliably at any time and from any location.

On the one hand, automatic temperature monitoring can be used in the food industry and gastronomy. On the other hand, the healthcare sector with pharmaceutical warehouses and refrigerators, laboratory samples and blood reserves is a second, particularly important area of application. Especially in larger facilities, such as hospitals, hundreds of measuring points, spread over several buildings and countless floors, sometimes have to be included in the QM concepts.

Retrofitting is easier than you think!

If you think of technically complex projects, cable clutter or wireless problems when retrofitting, you probably don’t know the LineMetrics solution yet:

Simply connect the base station (LoRa Gateway) to the power supply and a long-range wireless network is set up throughout the area. Attach the battery-operated wireless sensors to the measuring points and the data automatically ends up in the web-based tool for evaluations and alerting.

Cables, company network, IT department, configurations, etc. are not necessary. The LoRa radio easily penetrates even well-insulated cooling walls. The batteries last for several years, so that the system is de facto maintenance-free and can be expanded with new measuring points at any time.

That’s why it’s time to digitise now and collect subsidies!

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