Renting instead of buying

Building data and insights at a fixed monthly price: We take care of hardware, software, connectivity and ongoing operations.

Data-as-a-Service at a fixed price

Why program and operate the monitoring solution yourself when you can get the data you want at a fixed monthly price?

Return on investment from day 1

You benefit immediately and without burdening your cash flow from live data, automation, damage prevention, process optimisation and more.


Simply Opex instead of Capex

This means that the costs simply flow into your ongoing operating expenses. Ideal when budgets have been planned or all investments have been stopped.

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Simple cost-benefit analysis

LineMetrics convinces with low and predictable monthly costs. The benefits of data-based decisions and optimizations can be estimated and quantified, at least in part:

  • Reduction of personnel costs through automation (working hours, travel distance, etc.)
  • Savings in energy consumption, especially through HVAC optimization
  • Avoided damage or repair costs through early detection
  • More productivity / less sick leave due to a better working environment
  • Additional revenue from new or improved services
  • (Automated) Fulfilment of legal requirements
  • Data bases for investments and much more
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Monitoring from €50 per month

Even at the cost of one or two hours of work – depending on the industry, role, calculation, etc. – a whole range of relevant parameters for a location can be recorded, transmitted and made available for analysis in real time.

For example, retail stores can use several wireless sensors and a long-range LoRa gateway to obtain important data: room temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, cooling temperatures, power consumption and customer frequency. This can save resources, identify problems immediately, and improve planning.

Prices net per store with a 5-year commitment and 100 locations. All inclusive, no upfront costs.