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Plug & Play Sensor Data Collection from Existing Buildings

Smart building and IoT are complex technologies. However, these do not always have to be complex to use. When designing the commissioning, our goal was to set a benchmark for the entire industry. That’s why it’s all very simple. After just a few steps and 2 minutes after activating the devices, you will receive the first building data plug & play.

Plug & Play is part of the entire product at LineMetrics – from commissioning to managing and analysing building data, we make it as easy as possible for you. Commissioning can thus be reduced to a few minutes per gateway and per sensor. How do we do that? Easy:

Ordering & Shipping

Once you’ve decided on the LineMetrics platform, we’ll send you everything you need. Local employees can easily and quickly get the platform up and running at the various locations.

Access device information

Packages include sensors, gateways, and detailed commissioning instructions. Sensors record measurement data and send it to the LoRa Gateway – even over longer distances. This, in turn, collects the data and sends it to the LineMetrics Cloud via mobile communications.

Once the devices have arrived at the site, all they have to do is switch them on and place them. By scanning the QR code on the devices, you can directly access the device information (online status, LM ID, step-by-step instructions, etc.).

Activate devices plug and play

The next step is to turn on the devices. Depending on the device, this process is designed differently. For example, with some sensors you have to insert batteries or on the gateways you have to attach the antenna according to the marking and plug the power supply into the socket.

Placing Devices

Place the sensors in the different rooms according to your ideas. It is important to pay attention to the specific requirements. For example, CO2 sensors should be installed at head height in order to be able to measure correctly.

Manage data in the LineMetrics Cloud

In the LineMetrics Cloud , all measurement data is stored and processed centrally, securely and encrypted. Prior to commissioning, LineMetrics employees assign the correct sensors to the accounts. All you have to do is name the devices and assign the locations of the sensors and you can access all the building data.

Do you want to experience this “wow” feeling?

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