All about the LineMetrics Platform

Resources are being wasted all too often because the condition of objects is either not being recorded at all, or only insufficiently. Whether you need manufactured quantities, your production facilities’ energy data or want to track mobile assets such as trains or lorries, etc., LineMetrics has the solution:

Measuring and transmission technology, hardware, software, analysis methods, – the LineMetrics Platform unites all of these components in an ideally synchronised IoT solution. LineMetrics makes everything possible – from collecting simple conditions, positions or measuring values to the comprehensive evaluation of data via our functional web interface. Features such as the automatic alerting system and the possibility to deposit instruction manuals assist you. These, for example, enable you to make the right decisions in the case of an error. You can do this quite easily from wherever you are with our LineMetrics app.

In order to guarantee maximum flexibility at all times, our solution harmonises with many standard sensors and, besides the stand-alone mode, it can also be integrated in your IT systems.