PropTech Innovation Day

PropTech Innovation Day – Digitizing Real Estate Projects

How can the entire value chain of real estate projects be digitized? Digital solutions often cover only a small part of the value chain. That’s why LineMetrics has partnered with 6 other disruptive PropTechs in the industry.

The United PropTechs, are 7 startups that are fully committed to the digitalization of the real estate industry. Our goal is to equip and invigorate the real estate industry. Only when we work together as a provider of the latest technologies can we realize progress and move the real estate industry forward.

Each individual start-up covers a specific part of the value chain. If you join forces, a large part can be provided digitally together. In this way, all steps of a real estate project can be digitized:

  • Planning
  • Communication & cooperation with customers,
  • Project
  • management of documentation,
  • Analytics and process optimisation
  • and even sales.

The entire value creation process can be optimized, saving time and money.

Simply living digitalization

Learn now: How to use big data analysis and AI for intelligent project planning and process optimization. How to generate more sales by improving the customer experience. How to save up to 50% time in project management and documentation.

Watch the full talk:

Jörg Buss (PriceHubble), Alexander Roth (iDWELL), Domagoj Dolinsek (PlanRadar), Reinhard Nowak (LineMetrics), Christoph Degendorfer (bimspot), Dominik Monghy (Immonov) and Milan Zahradnik (PROVOST) discussed at the Innovation Day 2020.

The United PropTechs

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