References and User Stories

Peneder Building Elements

Peneder Bau-elemente GmbH: Save up to 30% on energy costs with intelligent monitoring

LineMetrics’ technology is used in Peneder’s innovative building solutions. This enables high savings in energy and operating costs.

IB System Refrigeration: Smart Cold Rooms with Temperature Monitoring

With the automatic monitoring of refrigeration systems, IB-Systemkälte offers its customers an innovative solution with its own branding, which reports temperature fluctuations and failures in real time and automates documentation.


Municipality of Haidershofen: Smart community thanks to real-time monitoring

Haidershofen relies on real-time monitoring from LineMetrics: to monitor the water supply, the temperature and humidity in buildings as well as the power generation of the municipality’s own PV systems. The flexible plug & play solution can be used in a variety of ways and helps to save resources and costs.


Oekostrom AG: Real-time monitoring for clean energy

In order to obtain live data from the more than 1,500 small power plants, oekostrom AG uses the real-time monitoring technology from LineMetrics.


Storebox: On the way to the smartest self-storage

Storebox monitors the indoor climate in the in-house “Storeboxes” with LineMetrics technology. This means that customers of the landlord also have the opportunity to check the environmental conditions of the stored items themselves at any time on their smartphones.

Florawall: Greening 4.0 – Symbiosis between plants and technology

Florawall’s vertical plant walls increase indoor well-being. With the help of LineMetrics, the condition of this living product is monitored in real time.

Naturkraft: More reliable forecasting of power generation

The monitoring technology from LineMetrics enables NATURKRAFT to monitor the grid feed-in of its electricity suppliers in real time. This allows more reliable forecasts to be made.


Siqens: Smart Fuel Cells with Worldwide Remote Maintenance

Siqens fuel cells are an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel generators. They have to function absolutely reliably around the world, even in remote locations. Reliable remote maintenance and monitoring is therefore necessary – and thanks to LineMetrics, it can also be easily implemented.