Plug & Play Monitoring

for Existing Buildings.

Without Cables. Without IT.

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Plug & Play Monitoring

for Existing Buildings.

No Cables. Without IT.

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Optimize operations


Improve utilization

Protect investments

Optimize operations

Avoid damage

Improve utilization

Protect investments

Building Monitoring Can Be This Easy.

Choose from 50 sensors
and collect data

Energy & Resources | Environment
Utilization & Status

Plug in a gateway and activate transmission

LoRa gatewaysData loggers

Analyze building data online and optimize operations

CloudMobile App | Platform

Building Monitoring Can Be This Easy.

Choose from 50 sensors
and collect data

Energy & Resources | Environment
Utilization & Status

Plug in a gateway and activate transmission

LoRa gatewaysData loggers

Analyze building data online and optimize operations

CloudMobile App | Platform

One Solution With Many Advantages

Plug and Play

Plug & Play

Installing and operating the solution are extremely easy.

LineMetrics Wireless

Wireless sensors

Long-range wireless technology instead of laying cable.


One ecosystem

A perfectly coordinated, reliable solution.

GSM Netz

Independent of IT

It works without IT, technical expertise or network access.

LineMetrics Teamwork

Rapid Rollout

By local personnel on site, no technical expertise required.

Mesh Netzwerk

Open Interfaces

Integrate data into a broad range of existing systems.

Only with LineMetrics: One contact partner for the entire monitoring solution.

Some Of The Numerous Use Cases.

  • Temperature

    The optimum temperature is important for working productively in the office, but also for storing goods.

  • Power consumption

    Identify energy hogs and massively reduce energy costs.

  • Gas consumption

    Monitor gas consumption for cost savings and early leak detection.

  • Water usage

    Save valuable resources through accurate monitoring of water consumption.

  • Tank levels

    Measure the fill levels of storage tanks such as those for heating oil or materials used in production.

  • Snow load

    Receive a warning when predefined snow load levels are reached and measures need to be taken.

  • Water damage

    Detect water damage early on to reduce the amount of damage and insurance premiums.

  • Localization

    Track any object and find out where it is at the touch of a button (indoors and outdoors).

  • Utilization rate

    Monitor whether meeting rooms or parking spaces are occupied and how high the utilization rate is.

  • Smoke detectors

    Wireless smoke detectors are easy to install and provide reliable alerts.

  • Humidity

    Environmental factors such as humidity affect employee well-being and the perishability/corrosion of goods.

  • Industrial sensors

    Connect a wide range of industrial sensors to the LineMetrics solution by adapter (4-20mA, 0-10V, S0).

The Leading Sensor-To-Dashboard Option
For People Who Implement Solutions.

Monitor builidings easily.

Sensors, gateways, connectivity, databases, analytics tools, security… The technology of the Internet of Things is complex. But you don’t have to worry about all that anymore.

With LineMetrics, you focus on what’s really important: Implementing your ideas. Through plug& play and without interminable development projects or technical specialization.

Combine sensors as needed.

Everywhere you look, there are isolated applications for individual use cases. That’s how data silos are created and potential is wasted. Because real insights are often found only in the combination of diverse data and measurements.

With LineMetrics, you can network a variety of sensors with one solution. Right at the start, or later, step by step. That way, you always maintain 100% flexibility and have all monitoring data in one central solution.

Wireless instead of cable.

Laying cable is time-consuming and expensive. Wi-Fi based solutions suffer from low range and reception problems. Thanks to LoRa wireless technology, these issues are a thing of the past.

With LoRa-based solutions from LineMetrics, data can be transmitted for miles without use of cable. Indoor transmission ranges can reach hundreds of meters. From the basement to the attic? No problem. And with a sensor battery life of up to 10 years.

Rollout without IT.

The development of IoT solutions is usually very complex and requires specific technical expertise. This also applies to the rollout of sensors, gateways and analytics tools. With multiple sites or international locations, rollouts become even more complex, expensive and time-consuming.

With LineMetrics, you can be making your first data-based decisions before an internal IT/IoT development project would have even been launched. It’s immediately available, can be activated by local employees through plug & play and doesn’t depend on IT or the network.

Mobile QR

LineMetrics on iTunes  

Mobile. And truly smart.

Retrieving monitoring data by smartphone is standard. Unfortunately, it’s also standard for employees on site to make hardly any use of this feature. They can’t find data in the system for specific facilities, for example. Or they don’t know how to resolve problems after they’ve been identified.

The LineMetrics mobile app has been optimized for on-site employees. Monitored objects are equipped with a QR code. That way networked objects are linked to their digital counterparts. Especially useful: Instructions for resolving problems or project documentation of any kind can be provided. So employees will immediately know what to do.Open interfaces.

Open interfaces.

Monitoring data only adds sustainable value if it can be integrated into existing IT systems. That’s how new insights can be gained and processes can be made more efficient. But that’s not possible with every monitoring solution.

For LineMetrics customers, it’s crystal clear: Your data belongs to you alone. Simply stated, you can do what you want with it. Our open interfaces give you every possibility to get the most out of your data.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

„In LineMetrics, we see an innovative and reliable partner who will continue to accompany and support us in the future.“

Marek KocherCEO Florawall –

„For our needs, LineMetrics offers a scalable IoT solution that we were able to quickly integrate into our own system through the provided API.“

Johannes BraithCEO & Co-Founder, Storebox –

„The LineMetrics Box is ready for use in just a few minutes and delivers the relevant power signals, no matter from which of our power plants in Europe.“

Roland WeyssProject Manager –

„I tested different systems. None of them are as easy and flexible to use in the monitoring of cooling systems as LineMetrics.“

Dipl.-Ing. Dirk SchwanerExecutive Director, IB-Systemkälte

„What distinguishes the LineMetrics solution is that it is a simple plug & play system.“

Wolfgang HafenscherCo-Founder / CEO –

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