Constant Storage Conditions

Your goods are valuable and should be protected accordingly. The right indoor climate is a decisive factor, especially when it comes to ensuring the quality of your stored items. However, keeping a constant eye on the temperature and humidity in storage rooms and warehouses is time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly, especially with manual surveys.


  • Avoid damage to goods and preserve value
  • Seamless documentation even at the weekend
  • Provide proof of quality

One overall solution for all warehouses

Sensors record current indoor climate values for all storage locations. The data is clearly displayed in the LineMetrics Cloud.


Seamless monitoring and documentation

The values collected are recorded 24/7, stored indefinitely and can be exported at any time (PDF, MS Excel, JPG etc.).


Avoid damage with warning messages

Immediate alarms in the event of deviating humidity or temperature values enable problems to be identified quickly.

Wireless solution for the entire site – without a network!

One wireless gateway is often sufficient for the entire site. Data is sent to the cloud via mobile radio. IT/network are not necessary.


Across companies and locations

LineMetrics is infinitely scalable and can be used in locations throughout Europe, regardless of the company.

Verify storage conditions along the entire supply chain

Ensuring optimum storage conditions for raw materials, components or finished products is time-consuming, costly and labor-intensive. Complete proof of quality management vis-à-vis customers and partners is a must. LineMetrics monitors temperature and humidity in warehouses, warns of irregularities and reliably documents all data. Automatically verify storage conditions across the entire supply chain during your next quality management audit.

Storing food in accordance with HACCP

Constant temperature and humidity guarantee the highest food quality in both production and storage. How many hours a day do your employees spend checking and recording temperatures? Manual records (“paperwork”) cost time and therefore money. Automated recording creates transparency and traceability. In this way, you can ensure that regulations, e.g. HACCP, IFS or internal QM guidelines, are fully complied with and that you can prove this.

Storage of documents, works of art and antiques

Constant humidity and temperature protect works of art and antiques from damage and preserve their value. Fluctuations in the values can cause irreparable damage to the exhibits. Exhibits made of wood, paper, canvas or textiles are particularly sensitive and absorb or release moisture depending on the ambient air. By automatically controlling the humidity and temperature, room climate values can be kept constant, thus preventing damage. The value of their works of art, antiques and documents is preserved.

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Suitable wireless sensors

LoRa temperature sensor RTD (external sensor)

LoRa temperature/humidity sensor IP65

LoRa temperature/humidity sensor IP67

LoRa leakage sensor

LoRa temperature/humidity sensor

LoRa 1-fold temperature sensor

LoRa 2-fold temperature sensor

LoRa area leakage sensor

LoRa temperature/humidity sensor (HACCP/IFS)

LoRa indoor sensor (4-in-1 measurement)

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