Improve energy efficiency – reduce costs through energy efficiency

Energieeffiziente Gebäude

LineMetrics records all main consumers, sub-consumers, electricity, water and gas meters in an overall system. All the energy data collected is clearly displayed in the LineMetrics Cloud and stored indefinitely. This happens automatically and in real time.

In addition to the energy flows, the causes and context are also shown, such as the use of rooms, open doors or the room temperature. Connections thus become quickly apparent.


  • No database for optimization (countless consumers without sub-meters, existing meters, little context data such as usage times or room climate)
  • High savings potential remains unrecognized
  • Reporting (costs, ESG) becomes more complex

A complete solution for easy retrofitting

Wireless sensors record current indoor climate values. Gateways collect the measured values and transmit them via mobile radio. The data is clearly displayed in the LineMetrics Cloud.


All energy flows in an overall system

All energy and building data is available in a central system. This makes new insights possible.

LoRa Funk

Connect existing meters wirelessly

Also for heterogeneous infrastructure, e.g. Ferraris meters, digital meters, built-in measuring devices via Modbus RTU or S0.

Plug and Play

Monitor sub-consumers efficiently

Detailed recording of systems, floors, rooms etc. via sockets, 1- or 3-phase measuring device including transformer.

Verbrauch und Kontext

Consumption and context for fast ROI

Use additional data on room climate and usage, utilization of technical systems, etc. for real insights.

Record total consumption at high frequency

With LineMetrics, you can monitor the total consumption and the most important sub-consumers with high frequency and fine granularity. Professional energy meters record up to 100 specific parameters. The data is transmitted by cable to the LineMetrics data loggers and from there sent wirelessly to the LineMetrics Cloud.

  • Measured values in 1-second intervals
  • MID-compliant energy meters
  • Record load peaks, reactive power, apparent power, etc.
  • Precise measurement using current clamps

Monitor sub-consumers efficiently

In many buildings, it is not possible to identify which user or tenant consumes how much energy. Further charging is therefore not possible. LineMetrics records the consumption of individual systems, floors, rooms and assets.

  • Measurement data at 15-minute intervals
  • Sockets
  • 1-phase direct measuring devices
  • 3-phase measuring devices including transformer

Read existing gas, water and electricity meters

Manual reading of gas, water and electricity meters is very labor-intensive and only possible on a selective basis. With LineMetrics, it is possible to automatically record consumption using pulse meters, even with a heterogeneous infrastructure. This provides a complete picture and makes it possible to monitor success immediately.

  • Measured values every 15 minutes
  • Reading of Ferraris meters, digital meters, installed measuring devices, etc.
  • Data acquisition via Modbus RTU or voltage (up to 3.6V) and S0 outputs

Better understanding of context and causes

The combination of energy and building data provides new insights and findings. Causes and optimization potential can be identified and misinterpretations avoided. For example, the location with the lowest consumption does not necessarily have to be the most efficient. In addition to energy consumption, load peaks and load curves, sensors monitor current temperature values, open doors and windows or the use of rooms.

Monitor and plan electricity production

Fluctuations and problems in power generation can be detected immediately thanks to real-time monitoring. This allows those responsible to react quickly and plan much more precisely.

Separate reporting of electricity volumes is sometimes necessary within the framework of the EEG surcharge. Third-party supplies and own consumption must be clearly verifiable by the end of 2020. LineMetrics enables the simple and precise delimitation and allocation of third-party quantities.

  • Wind power, hydropower and photovoltaic systems
  • Operation even in remote locations without IT infrastructure

Optimizing the use of systems

Not only energy consumption but also peak loads can be major cost factors. If, for example, machines and systems are started up at the same time or operated at full load, peaks occur which are expensive. With a comprehensive data basis, these are easily avoidable. Real-time monitoring enables peak loads of energy-intensive systems to be analyzed and loads to be better distributed.

  • Detection of load peaks, utilization and usage
  • Check operating modes: Standby, on/off etc.
  • Detect faults and anomalies

Presentation: Energy efficiency in existing buildings

The use of is responsible for over 40% of CO2 emissions in Europe alone. Building operation urgently needs to be optimized. However, without data and facts, it is often not possible to efficiently operate building technology systems that are difficult to analyze.

Find out in our free presentation (PDF) which use cases there are in practice and how you can easily implement energy monitoring.

Suitable wireless sensors

LoRa gas meter Impulse

LoRa pulse counter

LoRa energy meter Impulse

LoRa energy meter direct 1-phase

LoRa energy meter converter 3-phase

LoRa Impulszähler

LoRa temperature/humidity sensor (HACCP/IFS)

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