Remote monitoring & alerting

In every property – whether office building or industrial site – there are countless technical systems, consumption values and environmental parameters that need to be continuously monitored. This is necessary to avoid failures, damage and risks as far as possible, to meet legal requirements and to reduce the consumption of resources.

However, those responsible, for example in facility management, are increasingly reaching their limits: regulations and reporting obligations are becoming more extensive, the number of properties to be monitored is increasing and information must be available ever more quickly. The ever smaller teams are burdened with more and more manual inspection duties and hardly have any time left for their actual activities.

Many of these jobs – including travel times! The process of monitoring the data – can be automated with simple remote monitoring solutions and thus made much more efficient. Wireless sensors monitor a wide range of conditions 24/7, with automatic evaluation and documentation, as well as alarms in the event of problems.


  • Technical systems, consumption and environmental parameters must be continuously monitored
  • Employees cannot be on site all the time, manual data collection is time-consuming
  • There is less and less time for proactive work and strategic issues

A versatile platform for monitoring, documentation and alarming for retrofitting

Sensors and gateways with wireless connection

The LineMetrics platform includes wireless sensors for 50+ applications as well as gateways for simple data transmission via mobile radio.

Evaluate, document and be alerted remotely

Measurement data is documented in the LineMetrics Cloud and can be analyzed at any time via PC or app. The alarm is sent by e-mail/SMS.


Creating transparency and seamless documentation

Analyze a wide range of parameters and make optimizations. Continuous documentation in accordance with legal requirements.


Receive warning messages for critical values

Receive messages when certain values are exceeded or not reached so that appropriate measures can be taken immediately.

Automatically capture data, no matter where from

24/7 monitoring without manual data collection and without time-consuming travel times. This saves unnecessary costs and frees up time for more important things.

Bestandsgebäude nachrüsten

Easy retrofitting without cables and network

One wireless gateway is often sufficient for the entire building. Data is sent to the cloud via mobile radio. Cables, IT and network are not necessary.

Technical facility management

Remote monitoring of technical systems

There are many technical systems in large public buildings that need to be monitored, maintained and repaired: Elevators, heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, etc. If energy consumption, noise, vibration patterns and signals from the control unit are recorded, maintenance can be planned, downtimes reduced and redundancies avoided.

  • Predictive maintenance before problems occur
  • Remote monitoring of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC)

Safety and loss prevention

If faults and problems are detected immediately, risks for building users and the building itself can be significantly reduced. With the help of sensors with long-range LoRa radio, existing buildings can be retrofitted and the following applications easily implemented:

  • Condition of doors (fire protection, emergency exit, refrigerator) and windows
  • Legionella prevention by monitoring heating temperatures
  • Air exchange/fresh air supply in rooms via CO2 concentration
  • Reduce the risk of infection transmission with an ideal indoor climate
  • Leaks in HVAC systems and wet rooms
Technical facility management
Technical facility management

Read energy/gas/water meters

If energy consumption can be tracked transparently (how much energy, which consumer, at what times), targeted savings are possible. Existing meters (electricity, gas, water, heat) can be easily retrofitted with pulse meters and read out. Additional MID-compliant energy meters record any main and sub-consumers in detail.

Monitor refrigerated cabinets and rooms

Whether food, drugstore products or other temperature-sensitive goods: Seamless monitoring – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – prevents damage by quickly alerting you to any problems. The automatic and legally compliant documentation helps to ensure compliance with industry-specific standards, such as HACCP or GxP.

Technical facility management
Constant storage conditions

Constant storage conditions

A poor indoor climate leads to loss of quality, corrosion, deformation and much more. Remote monitoring of the indoor climate at several points and in real time is necessary to detect deviations immediately and prevent damage. Equally important – and often mandatory – is complete, automated documentation.

More than just remote monitoring

Simple data acquisition, analysis and alarming are the basis for more efficient operation of buildings and technical systems. LineMetrics has thought ahead and also makes maintenance work easier.

Employees on site can scan QR codes on technical equipment using a smartphone and thus easily access stored documents (e.g. repair instructions).

We would be happy to present these and other smart functions to you personally, e.g. in a video call:

Technical facility management

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Suitable wireless sensors

LoRa area leakage sensor

LoRa indoor sensor (4-in-1 measurement)

LoRa temperature/humidity sensor (HACCP/IFS)

LoRa temperature/humidity sensor IP67

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