Retrofitting retail and store networks – optimizing store networks based on data


Store networks are one of the most important cost factors for retail companies. However, efficient building operation is challenging: data and facts are missing, incomplete or outdated. Optimization is hardly possible without transparency.

LineMetrics makes it possible to retrofit existing store networks with wireless monitoring. Indoor climate, energy consumption, visitor frequency etc. are displayed “live” on a central platform. Key figures can be calculated and comparisons and best practice approaches can be easily implemented. This data-based control leads to cost savings, more efficient processes and greater sustainability.


  • Central management and control of the branches
  • High cost and optimization pressure
  • Retrofitting a monitoring system previously associated with high costs (ROI?)

An all-in-one platform for all building data

Long-range wireless sensors record data for over 50 use cases. These are transmitted from radio gateways to the LineMetrics Cloud via mobile radio and can be analyzed there or transferred to other systems via API.

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50+ Use Cases

50+ use cases in one scalable platform

Enough of isolated solutions! The LineMetrics modular system enables a wide variety of use cases to be combined and can be easily expanded at any time.

All-in-one System

Komplettsystem vom Sensor bis zur Auswertung

LineMetrics combines measurement technology, data transmission, evaluation, data storage and much more in one. You only ever have one contact person for all questions.

Bestandsgebäude nachrüsten

Wireless retrofitting without reception problems

Wireless sensors and gateways with SIM cards make cables and IT superfluous. Europe-wide roll-out by store employees with the help of LineMetrics remote support.

Return on investment from day one

LineMetrics takes over the operation of the monitoring solution for you: at a fixed monthly price, with no investment costs. From €50 per month per store.

Improve the indoor climate

The indoor climate has an enormous influence on the well-being (and purchasing behavior) of customers. Health aspects, e.g. the survival time of viruses, the immune system, sick days of employees, should not be underestimated either. Measurement data serves as an objective basis for identifying problems and optimizing the control of HVAC systems (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitation).

Analyze visitor flows

Real-time monitoring provides new insights for optimization: location expansions, personnel planning, marketing and sales activities, facility management, etc. Individual locations can be analyzed, compared and evaluated. It is possible to calculate a wide range of key figures, e.g. based on the store area.

Optimize energy consumption

If energy consumption can be tracked transparently (how much energy, which consumer, at what times), targeted savings are possible. Existing meters (electricity, gas, water, heat) can be easily retrofitted and read. Additional MID-compliant energy meters record any main and sub-consumers in detail.

Monitor refrigerated cabinets and rooms

Whether food, drugstore products or other temperature-sensitive goods: Seamless monitoring – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – prevents damage by quickly alerting you to any problems. The automatic and legally compliant documentation helps to ensure compliance with industry-specific standards, such as HACCP or GxP.

Digitize technical FM

In large stores and store networks, there are many technical systems that need to be monitored, maintained and repaired: Elevators, heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, etc. If energy consumption, fault LEDs, signals from the control unit and/or vibration patterns and noises are recorded, faults can be detected at an early stage, maintenance can be planned and downtimes can be reduced.

  • Remote monitoring of technical systems
  • Predictive maintenance – predictive maintenance

Central evaluation and branch-based cockpits

All recorded data can be analyzed in the LineMetrics Cloud at store level, evaluated centrally and compared across locations. Verbesserungspotenziale und Probleme (Alarmierung per Email oder SMS) werden damit sofort sichtbar.

Suitable wireless sensors

LoRa indoor personal frequency counter

LoRa Mausefalle

LoRa CO2 Eco Sensor

LoRa 7-in-1 Raumklima Sensor (inkl. Display)

LoRa Impulszähler

LoRa indoor sensor (4-in-1 measurement)

LoRa temperature/humidity sensor (HACCP/IFS)

LoRa temperature/humidity sensor IP67

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