Simply retrofit industry and logistics – optimize workflows in industry and logistics

One of the biggest challenges in building operation is the lack of data and facts. Such a “black box” is often operated inefficiently and valuable resources are wasted every day. Only with up-to-date building data can processes in industry and logistics be improved and transparency created.

LineMetrics makes it possible to independently collect data and plan, control and optimize processes in industry and logistics. Current values are measured by wireless sensors and displayed in the platform. Additional functions make the overall solution a useful business tool: Calculate key figures on the platform, export the data for reports or set alerts when threshold values are exceeded or undercut.


  • High productivity pressure
  • Increasing legal requirements, e.g. regarding energy efficiency, safety and quality
  • A wide variety of building and system types and applications

An all-in-one platform for all building data

Long-range wireless sensors record data for over 50 use cases. These are transmitted from radio gateways to the LineMetrics Cloud via mobile radio and can be analyzed there or transferred to other systems via API.

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50+ Use Cases

50+ use cases in one scalable platform

Enough of isolated solutions! The LineMetrics modular system enables a wide variety of use cases to be combined and can be easily expanded at any time.

All-in-one System

Komplettsystem vom Sensor bis zur Auswertung

LineMetrics combines measurement technology, data transmission, evaluation, data storage and much more in one. You only ever have one contact person for all questions.

Bestandsgebäude nachrüsten

Wireless retrofitting without reception problems

Wireless sensors and gateways with SIM cards make cables and IT superfluous. Roll-out via plug & play by employees on site with LineMetrics support.

Return on investment from day one

LineMetrics takes over the operation of the monitoring solution for you: at a fixed monthly price, with no investment costs. Opex (operating costs) instead of capex!

Constant storage conditions

A poor indoor climate leads to loss of quality, corrosion, deformation and much more. Remote monitoring of the indoor climate at several points and in real time is necessary to detect deviations immediately and prevent damage. Equally important – and often mandatory – is complete, automated documentation.

Optimize land use

If cleaning is controlled according to demand, resources can be saved. Consumables (e.g. soap dispensers) can also be refilled according to actual consumption. Sensors anonymously record when which room is occupied by approximately how many people and how often rooms are used. Parking spaces can also be easily controlled.

Sustainable building operation

40% of energy consumption and 39% of CO2 emissions in Europe are produced by buildings. Facts are necessary for sustainability and social responsibility. If energy flows in existing buildings can be traced transparently, energy consumption can be reduced in a targeted manner and operating costs lowered.

Recognize and reduce damage

Damage to buildings and systems can lead to repair costs, breakdowns and health risks and must therefore be detected at an early stage. Sensors can provide a remedy in the event of water ingress or leaks. Equipped with water sensors, they report the escaping water. AI-based monitoring of noises and vibrations in technical systems helps to detect anomalies immediately.

  • Detect water ingress and leaks at an early stage
  • Predictive maintenance – predictive maintenance

Central evaluation and individual cockpits

All recorded data can be analyzed in the LineMetrics Cloud at object level or evaluated centrally and compared across locations. Verbesserungspotenziale und Probleme (Alarmierung per Email oder SMS) werden damit sofort sichtbar.