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The opportunities offered by digitalization and the Internet of Things are obvious: more efficient processes, smart products and services, and even completely new business models are becoming possible. However, the development of professional solutions is time-consuming, highly complex and takes a long time.

The good news? We’ve already taken care of that so you don’t have to do it anymore. As a partner, you receive a ready-to-use solution with which you can start pilot projects today and open up new business potential tomorrow.


  • Measurement data from the physical world is missing
  • Sensing/IoT solutions are extremely complex and expensive to develop and maintain
  • Large companies offer enormous opportunities, while small ones often lag behind

Easy to sell: Your monitoring solution is ready to go

Forget about lengthy IT projects, time-consuming maintenance, quality and supplier management – we’ve already taken care of all that. Put together your IoT solution from an existing modular system and inspire your customers.

Sensors and gateways, perfectly networked

LoRa wireless sensors throughout the building collect measurement data for over 50 use cases. A gateway transmits this information to the LineMetrics Cloud via mobile communications.

Branded cloud or data via API

The measurement data is recorded in the LineMetrics Cloud and displayed there in the design of your company or integrated into existing systems via API .


Really easy

Don’t worry about complex technology, we’ve already taken care of that for you.


Extremely fast

Expand your business with IoT-based solutions – within a few weeks.

Hochfrequentierte Daten erfassen

Highly profitable

Build up annual recurring revenue – you determine the margin.


Very individual

Develop your own offerings, pricing models, and use your own branding.

We make it easy. For you and your customers.

As a LineMetrics partner, it’s easy for you: We work for you in the background so that you can fully focus on your sales potential:

  • Cheap entry: Sell smart all-inclusive packages risk-free
  • Self-Installation: Your customers receive the solution by mail and put it into operation themselves – without expertise, wirelessly and network-independently.
  • Self-Service: Questions can be answered in the online portal itself. The LineMetrics team is available for support cases.
  • Easy upselling: The solution can be expanded to include many new use cases or additional sensors at any time.
  • One point of contact for all questions about HW, SW, Connectivity & Co.

That’s how easy it is to set up – your customers can do it themselves!

Extend software solutions (SaaS)

Connecting your software solution to the physical world opens up completely new opportunities, revenue potential and competitive advantages. However, these often remain unused because many software companies do not want to take care of measuring devices, gateways or SIM cards, nor the underlying processes, from logistics to quality control.

This is where the LineMetrics solution comes into play: It is already fully developed and can be easily put into operation independently by your end customers. In the end, you receive the measurement data you need via an interface and can easily integrate it into your software.

Download Data-as-a-Service (PDF) >

New services around the building

The availability of real-time data enables property owners and operators, as well as facility service companies, to offer completely new, digital services or to provide existing services more efficiently.

Indoor climate data enables HVAC to be optimized and thus a productive and healthy working environment. Tenants receive exact proof that agreed standards are met. Statistics on space utilization allow tenants to determine real space requirements, and desk occupancy data helps with flex desk concepts.

The cost factor of building cleaning can also be reduced by carrying it out on demand, i.e. depending on the use of the space.

Download “Smart Cleaning” (PDF) >

Offering data-driven consulting

For consultants, the LineMetrics platform opens up completely new opportunities: Relevant data, which was previously lacking, makes consulting services possible in the first place or much more efficient. Energy consultants, for example, can only develop optimisation measures on the basis of specific consumption and usage data.

LineMetrics also allows the rapid implementation of a proof of concept and, of course, the actual implementation and scaling of digital products and services. Consultants can use it not only to expand their implementation expertise but also their business model, but also to generate recurring revenues.

Download “LineMetrics for Energy Consultants” (PDF) >

“We have come to know Linemetrics as a customer-oriented and technically leading company. As a partner, we always need competent and solution-oriented advice in order to implement customer requirements quickly and reliably. All of this has worked very well so far – thank you very much from Münsterland for that!”

Michael Pelster
CEO | infonix GmbH & Co. KG –

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