Sensor data API | Extend existing systems & apps with sensor data

In a data-driven world, the success of your software or app, your processes or services and perhaps even your entire company is based on the availability of relevant data. While manual data collection is too time-consuming, digital IoT-based approaches promise a simple remedy.

However, these “solutions” are either limited to one use case or are pure software platforms that leave you on your own when it comes to the actual data acquisition, from the sensor to the connectivity on site: Which sensors to choose? How do you optimize battery cycles and radio ranges? Who takes care of QM and supply chain? How is an efficient rollout possible? And who helps with bugs or support cases?

We have already solved these issues for you. As part of “Data-as-a-Service”, you receive all the measurement data you require via API and can concentrate fully on your core business and your potential.


  • Data offers enormous business opportunities, but is often extremely time-consuming to collect
  • Many IoT solutions leave you alone with the measurement technology and hardware
  • This costs your team time, money and focus

Simply integrate data. The IoT-based solution is ready.

Device Management, Database-as-a-Service, API

Your existing software solution or app


Really easy

Don’t worry about complex technology, we’ve already taken care of that for you.


Fast setup

Integrate any sensor data within a few days via API.

Hochfrequentierte Daten erfassen

Rapid rollout

A plug & play solution that is easy to put into operation throughout Europe.


No overhead

Scale the sensor-based solution without fixed costs, e.g. for support staff etc.

Integrate measurement data via a single interface

Whether industry software, ERP, ticketing or workflow tools: Easily integrate real-time sensor data into any existing software.

Only one interface (MQTT/Rest API)

Device and firmware management, online status monitoring, alarm messages, database as a service, connectivity (SIM cards), security

Data transmission (mobile radio)

Sensor selection, quality assurance, supply chain, conditions, firmware, instructions, plug & play rollout, support

Sounds interesting? We look forward to talking to you personally.

Let’s discuss your requirements, potential and how “Data-as-a-Service” can be integrated into your system. You are welcome to download further information (PDF) here in advance or get an overview of potential business targets in our partner area.