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Easily record CO2 values in existing buildings

In our last blog post , you learned how relevant CO2 levels are indoors. The higher these are, the higher the risk of infection, for example from COVID-19 or flu. At the same time, productivity and the ability to concentrate also decrease. In this blog article, we want to show how easy it is to measure current CO2 values.

High-quality, low-maintenance and attractive sensors, such as the Elsys ERS CO2 sensor, are central to the measurement of indoor climate values such as CO2. These blend into the room and do not irritate the employees or room users. The current values are measured by the sensors in real time and sent to the cloud via a gateway at 15-minute intervals. There they can be viewed via laptop or smartphone.

Commissioning of the CO2 sensors

As a first step, you need to put the CO2 sensors into operation. All you have to do with LineMetrics is insert the batteries and place the sensors. You can read about how easy the entire commissioning process is in our blog post Collecting Sensor Data from Existing Buildings or see it in the following video:

Elsys ERS CO2 Sensor

In addition to carbon dioxide levels, the Elsys sensor also measures temperature and humidity. This makes it possible to keep an overview and control the entire indoor climate. With the help of the sensor’s LoRa wireless technology, the measured values can be transmitted to the gateway over long ranges and even several floors. The sensor is also very low-maintenance and has a battery life of up to 5 years. Thanks to this simplicity, the sensor can be retrofitted in existing buildings in a very short time.

Overview of values in the cloud

The CO2 values are displayed in clear dashboards in the cloud. Based on the displayed CO2 concentration, you can see at a glance whether there is a need for ventilation or – if available – to optimally adjust the ventilation system. Of course, it is also possible to set threshold values, such as 1,000 [ppm], if they are exceeded, those responsible or the room users will be informed. This allows them to ventilate independently until enough fresh air has entered the office.

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